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Efficient Lady's Organizer - review

No more “totally forgot about that!!!!”

Screenshot of Efficient Lady's Organizer

Tired of loosing to do lists, forgetting things that needed to be done or “where’s that piece of paper” I decided to look for a computer based organizer. I do spend a lot of time on the computer, either playing games or working on my crafts, so, why not organize my life on it too?! I looked for a wile for an organizer that I could say it’s easy to use, good to make lists (to do, shopping, etc), keep track of contacts and addresses, e-mails, websites, etc, and, this was a must, to be able to print lists. And I found that software. Better saying, I found THE software!! It’s the Efficient Lady's Organizer. And it comes with a bonus for me: I can have a pink interface view!! I just love pink! But it does come with other interface colors, like blue or silver, among others.
It’s easy to organize your information, lists, etc, because you have the option to create groups and subgroups, which is good when you need to have several detailed tasks to accomplish a bigger one. For example, to create a Christmas presents list, you can have a folder “Christmas presents” and have sub folders like “Family”, “Work”, “Friends”. I love this feature because I like to have detailed information about everything.

The Calendar is great! My favorite is the “Month View” as I can see all I have scheduled for it and, in a click, I can add, delete or change a task or an event to it.

The Contacts have a field for every piece of information you might need to remember about someone!! You have the usual fields like: First name, Last Name, Address, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, etc, but you also have fields dedicated to business (address, phones, company, department), fields dedicated to online contacts (e-mail, messenger, ICQ…), fields about personal information (birthday, anniversary, spouse name, family, hobbies,…), fields that you can personalize your self as you wish… You name it, you got it! You can even add photos! Oh, and of course, there’s a comment section. For me, the only thing missing in the Contacts section is the possibility to print individual contact files. But it is possible to customize a general contact list with the field you choose and print it. Also, you can divide your contacts by groups.

Other two useful sections are the Events and the Tasks. Here you can easily add appointments to your calendar.  The events I use when I have to attend something in a specific place, like lunch with someone or a doctor appointment. The tasks I use for thinks that I have to do, but that don’t need to be on a specific place, like doing something online (posting this review, for example!) or when I need to buy a gift but not sure where I’m going to buy it.  Like the contacts, you can not print the individual task or event but you can personalize the main view to print only what you want. On both sections you can create a reminder, add attachments, links…

The Notes section I use to make my beloved lists!!! Lists about everything and anything! Obviously, as I only got the software recently, I still don’t have all my lists in it, but it’s a work in progress. If you’re like me, the kind that doesn't leave the head at home because it’s held by the neck, this software couldn't be any better for you!

It also comes with a Diary! I don’t use it (yet…) but for those who do, it’s one more reason choose this already great software. Another feature that I don’t use (yet!) is the Password Manager. If you can’t remember your passwords or log ins  this is the place to store them, and, trust me, you can’t loose this “piece of paper”!

You also have the Desktop Notes, good thing to always have reminders right in front of you. And there’s also a section for your Favorite URLs. This is particularly useful if you access the internet in different computers. As you can download a portable edition to use with a USB flash drive you can take you’re favorite link everywhere with you.
In all the sections you can customize the letter type, color, size, etc.

I really think it’s great organizing tool, either you’re an workaholic that need lots of info in one place, well organized and with easy access, an unemployed that likes to keep track of interviews or a housewife with busy a schedule between housework, kids school and extra activities, that likes to have a recipes data base and keep track of the craft stash, online stores and projects. Or if you're just one of those persons that can't remember anything, give a try to this great software! It has a 30 day trial, just the enough to test it during this Christmas season!

Award-Winning Personal Organizer Software for Ladies Only - Efficient Lady's Organizer

And no, I don't work for them!! I just really like the software!!

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Studio 12 at Polkadoodles

The winner of this candy will receive goodies to the value of £50 from the Polkadoodles shop, which will include CD's, stamps, Promarkers and embellies - an awesome goody bag!!

 Studio 12 is an amazing blog with great projects. If you need some inspiration, here you will find it :)

Going Buggy: WIN a complete set of PROMARKERS

Going Buggy: WIN a complete set of PROMARKERS

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BLOG CANDY at The Craft Barn

Click on the image to check it out!

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Stampin' for the Weekend Challenge 10

My entry for Stampin' for the Weekend Challenge 10

(I really need to work on my photographic skills... and learn how edit photos on the computer....)

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Presente para a minha sobrinha

A minha sobrinha e o seu presente :)

As letras
 (peço desculpa pelo fundo, mas, como já perceberam, fotografia não é o meu forte....)

At my mother's request:

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